The Maternal Medicine Network provides multidisciplinary (midwifery, obstetric and medical) care for women with pre-existing or pregnancy-related medical conditions, in order to provide the best standard of care for women, birthing people and their babies.

The Yorkshire and Humber Maternal Medicine Network core team consists of 2 Consultant Obstetricians, an obstetric physician, a Consultant Midwife, 2 specialist midwives and an Admin Co-Ordinator. The Maternal Medicine Team also works closely with other Healthcare Professionals in order to provide the highest quality care, those whom you may meet throughout the course of your pregnancy journey.


Dr Tess Bonnett

Lead Obstetrician

My name is Dr Tess Bonnett and I am the lead obstetrician for the Sheffield Maternal Medicine Centre. I specialise in providing pregnancy care for women with complex medical conditions, particularly heart and blood disorders, multiple sclerosis and pulmonary hypertension.

Medha Headshot

Dr Medha Rathod

Lead Obstetrician

Consultant Obstetrician with a specialist interest in Maternal Medicine. I have undertaken additional training and have several years of experience in caring for pregnant women with complex medical conditions. I am committed to providing an equitable, evidence based and holistic service to these high-risk women within Yorkshire and Humber.


Obstetric Physician

Emma Walk

Dr Emma Walkinshaw

Obstetric Physician


Debbie Scott

Consultant Midwife

My name is Debbie Scott, and I am the Consultant Midwife for the Maternal Medicine Network. I am a qualified Nurse and Midwife with over 30 years' experience working within the NHS. I have a Masters in Public Health and have a special interest in caring for women with complex medical conditions.

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Natalie Anderson

Specialist Midwife

I am a midwife with a special interest in maternal medicine.


Vicky Elliott

Specialist Midwife

Lauren 2

Lauren Fletcher

Admin Manager

My name is Lauren Fletcher, I am the Admin Manager for the Maternal Medicine Network. I have a passion to work closely with different healthcare professionals to support patient centred care within Maternal Medicine.