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It is important that if you are concerned about your health or the health of your baby, you do not delay contacting the Maternity Assessment Centre or triage at the hospital you are booked at.


What is a Maternal Medicine Network?

  • A Maternal Medicine Network consists of 1 or 2 large hospitals  (Maternal Medicine Centres)  who work closely with all other hospitals in the region to provide a high standard of expert care to women/birthing people with complex medical conditions. Maternal Medicine Networks are being developed across the country to improve outcomes for pregnant women/ birthing people with complex medical conditions. The MMN provides care before, during and after pregnancy. Any health care professional involved in your care can refer you to the MMN if needed.

Why have they been introduced?

  • To provide you with excellent care if diagnosed with a pre-existing or pregnancy induced significant medical issue.
  • To ensure that you receive the same standard of care, regardless of where you may live.
  • To improve outcomes for women/ birthing people and their babies.
  • To work closely with mental health services in your area, to ensure that both your physical and mental health needs are met.